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Latest Recipes

Spaghetti All’Amatriciana

Amatriciana is a traditional Italian pasta sauce from the region of Amatrice and is based on guanciale (cured pork cheek), tomatoes and pecorino cheese. My version lightens it up with fresh tomatoes and pancetta, while adding a little fire from…

Slow Braised Beef Ragu

For me, nothing says ‘family meal’ more than a gorgeous pot of meaty ragu. If you whip it up a few days ahead, time will only make it tastier, and then all you have to do is cook up some…

Chimichurri Sauce

Chimichurri is a classic Argentinian green sauce, traditionally made using parsley. It’s a punchy accompaniment for grilled meats as it helps to cut through the richness, while delivering a burst of vibrant flavour. If you like spice then this recipe…


A good coleslaw recipe is always handy and this one is a cracker. The secret is in how you cut everything, and a good mandolin is the answer. If you haven’t got one, go out and grab one as it’ll…

Summer Berry Tiramisu

This Italian classic has all the ‘wow’ you’d expect from a tiramisu, but hiding beneath that creamy mascarpone is a sneaky layer of sweet, juicy berries that provides a tart berry-licious element.

Smash Burgers

The beauty of these burgers is that they are super-fast, super-tasty and super-simple. The name ‘Smash Burger’ comes from the technique of smashing the ball of mince into a screaming hot cast iron pan or onto a hot plate, allowing…