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Latest Recipes

Cannellini Bean Salad

A quick and easy bean salad to whip up for a weeknight treat. The secret to this simple salad is the tarragon dressing. The fresh tarragon adds an incredible flavour to the dressing and brings the whole thing to life.…

BBQ Sauce

Now this is no ordinary BBQ sauce. Layers of deep flavours that will enhance anything you put it on. Drizzle it on grilled meats, dip chicken wings in it. She’s packed with loads of ingredients but trust me, it’s like…

Chocolate Mousse

Is there anything more alluring than a silky chocolaty mousse. I think not, and this is exactly what I’ve created. I’ve spiked it with a little whiskey to make it feel more grown up, but feel free to leave it…

Rum BBQ Sauce Chicken Nibbles

These chicken nibbles are the definition of finger licking good. Smothered in a beautiful homemade bbq sauce, spiked with rum. These nibbles are perfect for parties, watching the big game or just enjoying with friends. And as a bonus the…

Mocha Smoothie

Coffee in your smoothie? Genius. This Mocha delight will fill you up, perk you up and have you raring to go in the morning.

Chipotle Chicken Soul Bites

These bad boys are like the best chicken nibbles you’re likely to find. I hasten to call them nuggets but essentially that’s what they are. Juicy pieces of chicken thigh, marinated in buttermilk, crumbed then fried up for your eating…