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Herbed Butters

epic on pretty much anything

31 Jul 2017 15 mins 6


Let’s be honest, life is better with butter, but with herbed butter it’s a whole other level . Whip them up, slice them up and pop them in the freezer. Perfect with veggies, on top of your steak, in mashed potatoes, peas, the options are endless.


500g unsalted butter at room temp.
5 garlic cloves, minced
1 cup packed herbs, finely chopped – Use a mixture of parsley, basil, sage, coriander, or whatever tickles your tastebuds
1 large red chilli, deseeded


Method: Place all the ingredients, except the chilli into a large bowl, season with salt and pepper and mix until well combined. Take half the butter mixture, place onto a sheet of greaseproof paper and roll into a cylinder, twisting the ends like a Christmas cracker. Place in the fridge for a few hours to firm up.

Add the chilli to the remaining butter, mix well and repeat the wrapping process above. Once the butters have firmed up, unwrap, slice into 1 cm rounds, place in a freezer proof bag and pop in the freezer. Now you’re all set. Perfect for adding flavour to steamed veggies, fish, on top of steaks, or for some epic garlic bread.